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Professional services from DIQA

SharePoint/Office 365

Our team works with the most recent SharePoint- and Microsoft Office-knowhow, in order to realize your requirements optimally - for a fixed price. Our offerings:

  • Sharepoint Apps and Add-ins
  • Sharepoint webparts
  • Custom development in SharePoint using the .NET Framework

Machine Learning

We employ Machine Learning methods to analyse written text for aspects like:

  • Text classification: assigning tags to documents
  • Language: identification of the document language
  • Sentiment analysis: identify emotions
  • Topic analysis: identify what a sentence or text is talking about
  • Text extraction: identify important data in text like companies, products, keywords
  • Entity recognition: identify entities, like people, locations, in text.
  • Clustering: identify segments of similar documents in a vast corpus

We use open source tools, like TensorFlow, Keras, and Microsoft AI tools.


The DIQA team has profound expertise in customizing and deploying MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki in enterprises. Our offerings:

  • Strategic consultancy regarding employing MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki or DataWiki.
  • Installation, test and operation of portals (on premise or in the cloud)
  • Selection of suitable extensions (e.g. WYSIWYG extension, facetted search)
  • Integration of ontologies and taxonomies

Example projects that we have done for our customers:

  • Access control for MediaWiki: introduced a content and action level access control system into a corporate wiki.
  • Reporting tool: provided a click and point reporting tool for end-users to generate reports on a highly customized MediaWiki installation that contains production process data.
  • WYSIWYG: introduced a WYSIWYG editor into a MediaWiki installation.
  • 2nd Level Support: we provide various international customers with 2nd level support to operate their corporate MediaWiki installation.
  • Configuration and Setup: for various international customers we have installed MediaWiki and compatible extensions to operate a corporate knowledge base.

DIQA unlocks the power of Semantic Web technologies

Semantic Web technologies provide new solutions for using and managing the abundance of documents and data in your organization, e.g.

  • to access heterogeneous data silos
  • to intelligently interlink the data
  • to allow for new insights
  • to enable better retrieval of documents (based on semantic data)

Semantic Web technologies will bring strategic benefits to your business. Together, we can identify and realize opportunities to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Our offerings:

  • strategic consultancy about applying semantic technologies in your organization (best practices, linked data, platforms)
  • ontology modeling for your use cases (best practices, incl. linked data principles, reuse of standard vocabularies, OWL, rules)
  • training in current semantic technologies (ontology languages - OWL, RDFS; standard ontologies - DC,, FOAF; tools - triple stores, editors, APIs; methodologies)
  • We manage your semantic technologies project and
    • we select, configure and deploy of the best semantic tools to solve your problems (vendor independent, incl. Jena, Virtuoso, Topbraid, Protege, Semantic MediaWiki, and more in Java or .Net)
    • we develop custom components and solutions
    • we integrate the solution into your system landscape

The DIQA team knows all relevant semantic methods and tools and will compile the best possible solutions suited to your use cases.

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"The workshop helped us to better understand our requirements and to learn about the technological options."
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Daniel Hansch
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