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Power-Search for MediaWiki

Power-Search for MediaWiki is a powerful replacement of the standard search engine of MediaWiki in commercial environments.

Power-Search for MediaWiki is faster, more precise and more interactive compared to the MediaWiki standard search engine:

  1. Quicker access to search results: “Search as you type”,
  2. Interactively explore search results: „Faceted Browser“,
  3. Use refinement filters to explore the contents of your wiki, which also includes Semantic Data if the Semantic MediaWiki extension is installed and
  4. This will increase the user acceptance of your wiki!

Power Search Fulltext Search

Power-Search for Mediawiki is available out-of-the-box!

Upload the Power-Search software onto your wiki-server and follow the installation instructions. After the initial crawl has completed, the Power-Search is available for your wiki users. They will appreciate the speed of the user interface. If you are using categories in your wiki-pages then you will notice the category-filters that allows you to narrow down your search results by categories. If your Wiki contains files like Ms Office documents, then they will be contained in search results.

If you slightly modify your wiki templates in order to create semantic data, then you can filter for this data, too.

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