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DIQA Pr&#959;jektm&alpha;n&alpha;gement GmbH<br>
DIQA Pr&#959;jektm&alpha;n&alpha;gement GmbH<br>
An der Raumfabrik 33c<br>
Amalienbadstrasse 41 (Bau 52)<br>
76227 K&alpha;rlsruhe, Germany<br>
76227 K&alpha;rlsruhe, Germany<br>
T +49 721 6&#959;9 517 26<br>
T +49 721 6&#959;9 517 26<br>

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Privacy statement for Sharepoint Add-ins/Apps


DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH is publishing Add-ins ("Add-ins") through the Microsoft Store (at https://store.microsoft.com or https://appsource.microsoft.com/) which are installed in SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint online. These Add-ins are:

  • TreeRefiner Add-in
  • Easy Tagging Add-in
Adherance to the Microsoft Store Policies

Our Add-ins are thoroughly tested and fully comply to the Microsoft Store Policies published at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/windows/agreements/store-policies.

No collection of personal or customer data through Add-in

After the installation and activation of the Add-in, it does not collect and submit personal or customer data to us. Although if you click in the Add-in on a URL that leads to the DIQA homepage then your visit on our homepage will be registered.

How to contact DIQA

You can use these co-ordinates to contact us:

DIQA Prοjektmαnαgement GmbH
Amalienbadstrasse 41 (Bau 52)
76227 Kαrlsruhe, Germany
T +49 721 6ο9 517 26
E ι[email protected]